About us

Tribology Laboratory (TriboLab) was established in 1966 as a part of Institute of Mechanical Engineering Faculty. It is also a part of Material Science Department at Mechanical Engineering Faculty, of the Belgrade University (Serbia). TriboLab is also one of the founders of Serbian Tribology Society.


TriboLab is dedicated to education and research in all the aspects of tribology. It is active in several research areas and provides high quality teaching in a large variety of subjects.


Basic research: Material and surface layer characteristics; Surface interaction; Fundamental aspects of friction and wear; Wear calculation; Experimental methods in tribology; Lubrication theories and their applications.


Applied researches: Methods for tribological characteristics improvement of materials – surface modification procedures; New materials: tribology of polymers and ceramics; Lubricants, their application and lubrication systems; Lubricant recycling; Experimental research concerning tribological characteristics of the material; Failure diagnostic of tribomechanics systems; Lubricants monitoring; Tribological characteristic calculation for basic machine elements according to the new methods and standards.


The current research activities of TriboLab are:

Within the scope of its research activities, the Laboratory cooperates with Serbian and European research institutions and companies. TriboLab realized a great number of projects financed by the Serbian Government or Serbian industry and two by the EU: EUREKA project Е!3240 Automobile Steel Material Parts Substitution With Aluminium (ASMATA) and COST action MP0903 Nanoalloys as Advanced Materials: From Structure to Properties and Applications (NANOALLOY). Results of the research efforts appear frequently as journal publications and in the proceedings of national and international conferences. The members of the staff have cooperation with the universities abroad mainly through the Balkan Tribological Association.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece

Technical University of Sofia Bulgaria

University Politehnica of Bucharest – Romania

Erciyes University – Turkey


Some of the Serbian institutions and companies we have a good cooperation with are:


Automotive Factory Zastava Kragujevac

Aluminium Factory Petar Drapšin – Mladenovac

Oil Industry of Serbia – NIS

Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča” Department of Materials Science

Faculty of mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac