11th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB '09

13-15 May 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

Edited by A. Vencl and A. Marinković


International Scientific Committee

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Plenary Lectures


Entropy and dissipative processes of friction and wear

M.D. Bryant

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Tribology development in Russia and Belarus

N.K. Myshkin, D.V. Tkachuk

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The effect of micro-blasting procedures on the cutting performance of coated tools

K.-D. Bouzakis, G. Skordaris, S. Gerardis, G. Katirtzoglou, S. Makrimallakis, F. Klocke, E. Bouzakis

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Advanced methods for characterisation of abrasion/erosion resistance of wear protection materials

F. Franek, E. Badisch, M. Kirchgaßner

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Tribological potencial of zinc-aluminium alloys improvement

M. Babic, S. Mitrovic, R. Ninkovic

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Tribological Properties of Solid Materials


The effect of temperature and strain rate on the abrasive wear of metals

A.E. Yousif

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Influence of the structure on the tribological properties of low-carbon steel

V.I. Semenov, L.Sh. Shuster, S.-J. Huang, P.-C. Lin

Pages 59-63


Effect of microstructure on the erosive wear rate of AISI 1020 and AISI 8620 steels

E. Dağaşan, D. Odabaş, E. Gerçekcioğlu

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The comparision of wear behaviour of plasma nitrided of AISI H13 and 722M24 steels under different tribological conditions

E. Gercekcioglu, E. Dagasan, M.B. Karamiş

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Self-lubricating composite materials for dry friction

A.G. Kostornov, O.I. Fushchich, T.M. Chevichelova, Y.M. Simeonova, G.S. Sotirov

Pages 74-77


Influence of the solid lubricant particles reinforcement on composites tribological properties

A. Marinković, A. Vencl

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Tribological and electrical properties of filled epoxy reinforced composites

I.-G. Bîrsan, A. Cîrciumaru, V. Bria, V. Ungureanu

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Tribological processes and products in the Earth’s crust

E. Kozhoukharova

Pages 88-92


Study on the profilomtry of composites with PA matrix and micro glass spheres after dry slindig

L. Deleanu, S. Ciortan, G. Andrei, L. Maftei

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Plastic deformation initiation in sliding identation case

C. Spanu, I. Birsan, S. Ciortan

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Tribochemical synthesis of alumina-titania mixed oxides as supports for hydrodesulfurization catalysts

N.G. Kostova, B. Kunev, M. Achimovichova, E. Dutkova, P. Balaz

Pages 103-108


Role of tribochemical activation in synthesis of nano-sized ferrite materials

Z. Cherkezova-Zheleva, J. Krstić, D. Paneva, B. Kunev, D. Jovanović, I. Mitov

Pages 109-113

Surface Engineering and Coating Tribology


Theoretical and experimental researches concerning the adhesion of the superficial layers obtained from amorphous alloys by thermal spraying with plasma jet

D. Petrescu, N.N. Antonescu

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Tribological coatings for aerospace applications and the case of WC-Co plasma spray coatings

A. Koutsomichalis, N. Vaxevanidis, G. Petropoulos, E. Xatzaki, A. Mourlas, S. Antoniou

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High temperature wear behaviour of Fe-based materials

E. Badisch, H. Winkelmann, M. Kirchgaßner, N. Gostovic

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Heat generation during friction stir welding process

M.B. Đurđanović, M.M. Mijajlović, D.S. Milčić, D.S. Stamenković

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Characterization of nano crystalline lubricant coating to study the effect of grain size and phase structure on the coating behavior

N. Gitis, V. Khosla, P. Bariani

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Surface roughness and friction coefficient at IBAD deposited tin hard coating

D. Kakaš, B. Škorić, M. Babić, S. Mitrović, A. Miletić, M. Vilotić, P. Terek, L. Kovačević

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Research of corelation between friction coefficient and nanomorphology of ion implanted dies for cold forming process

D. Kakaš, M. Vilotić, M. Popović

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Aplication of atomic force microscope for mechanical and tribological characterization of teeth and biomaterials

M. Pustan, O. Belcin

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Investigation of micro and nano tribological phenomenon by EDX

D. Kakaš, B. Škorić, A. Miletić, M. Vilotić, P. Terek, L. Kovačević

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Lubricants and Lubrication


Liquid-solid lubricants in conditions pertinent to isothermal elastohydrodynamic line contact lubrication

A.E. Yousif

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The effect and comparison of biodiesel-diesel fuel on crankcase oil, diesel engine performance and emissions

L. Yüksek, H. Kaleli, O. Özener, B. Özoğuz

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Diesel engine oil quality and exhaust emission

R. Gligorijevic, J. Jevtic, Dj. Borak

Pages 179-183


Lubricating greases for nuclear power plants equipment

O. Florea, M. Luca

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The behaviour of steel triboelements under various testing conditions

N. Diaconu, L. Deleanu, I.G. Birsan

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Lubrication of manure spreaders as an element of preventive maintenance

M. Kandeva, V. Požidajeva, D. Živković, Z. Sajfert

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Importance of oil condition monitoring in stationary gas engine applications

C. Schmied, B. Simmerer, F. Novotny-Farkas, D. Kaltenböck

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Inertia effect in microbearing gas flow

N. Stevanovic, S. Milicev

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Tribology in Machine Elements


Film thickness prediction of radial lip seal

G. Di Benedetto, M. Organisciak, G. Popovici, A. Stijepić

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Friction at rubber-metal springs

D. Stamenković, M. Milošević

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Evaluation of mass-conservative models for the tribological analysis of porous bearings

V.G. Marian, B. Scheichl, N. Tungkunagorn, G. Vorlaufer, F. Franek

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Research regarding the improvements of tribological behavior at three cone bits bearings

I. Zidaru, R.G. Ripeanu, I. Tudor, A.C. Drumeanu

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Ball-ring friction at low rotating speed

I. Musca

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Influence of abrasive wear on ball bearing internal geometry

T. Lazovic, A. Marinkovic, D. Skoko

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Selection of the gear materials based on tribological aspects

A. Ilić, D. Josifović

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Tooth flanks scoring resistance of noninvolute teeth profiles in plane toothed cylindrical gears

M. Nemčeková, M. Vereš, A. Marinković

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Tribology in Manufacturing Processes


Development of aplication for analysis of machinability index

G. Globočki Lakić, S. Borojević, Đ. Čiča, B. Sredanović

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Some considerations about non-isothermal fatigue wear of the forging die steel

A.C. Drumeanu, S.T. Paraschivoiu, I. Tudor, R.G. Ripeanu

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The thermal stresses of forging die evaluation using FEM

S. Paraschivoiu, A. Pupăzescu, C. Drumeanu, I. Tudor, R. Ripeanu

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Electrostatic gecko mechanism

T. Prevenslik

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Tribology as one parameter necessary for reliability engineering and technical system’s reliability improvement

M.M. Mijajlović, D.S. Milčić, M.B. Đurđanović

Pages 272-277


Modern solutions for selecting the corresponding machinery dedicated to technological applications

A. Neacşa, D.B. Stoica, N.N. Antonescu

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Trends in the self-organization of tribological contact systems

E. Assenova, M. Kandeva

Pages 282-285


A new concept of the universal tribometer

B. Ivkovic, N. Marjanovic, M. Ravlic

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Design of automatic computer control system for the new universal tribometer UT-07

M. Ravlic, M. Matijevic, B. Ivkovic

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Experimental investigation of micron level clearances by fibre optic interferometry

M. Yildirim, Z. Dursunkaya, T. Okutucu

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Application of tribometry in investigations of biomaterials

F. Zivic, S. Mitrovic, M. Babic, I. Cvijovic-Alagic

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Trenje, habanje i podmazivanje


Tribološki procesi mehanizma slobodnog hoda impulsnih frikcionih varijatora

D. Jovanović

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Promena geometrijskih veličina zupčastih kaiševa u periodu eksploatacije

B. Stojanović

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Modeliranje habanja tribosistema točak-šina

Ž. Pletikosić, R. Pletikosić

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Metode smanjenja habanja šina lakih šinskih vozila

J. Tepić

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Erozija kao osnovni mehanizam obrade abrazivnim vodenim mlazom

J. Baralić, B. Nedić

Pages 330-333


Uticaj kontaktnih uslova na oblikovanje dvostranim zatezanjem tankih limova

M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović, D. Adamović, M. Samardžić

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Uticaj brzine dubokog izvlačenja sa stanjenjem debljine zida na promenu koeficijenata trenja

D. Adamović, M. Stefanović, M. Živković, S. Rakić

Pages 338-342 Download PDF (533 KB)


Određivanje koeficijenta trenja u procesima obrade istiskivanjem

V.J. Marinković, T.R. Marinković

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Identifikacija triboloških procesa pri profilnoj obradi primenom genetskog algoritma

B. Sovilj, M. Brezočnik, I. Sovilj-Nikić, V. Đokić, S. Radonjić, P. Kovač

Pages 349-354 Download PDF (566 KB)


Specifikacije motornih ulja

M. Stojilković

Pages 355-360


Monitoring stanja kroz testove analize ulja

S. Perić, B. Nedić

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Istraživanje mazivih masti za podmazivanje ležaja železničkih vozila za konvencionalne brzine

P. Petrović, Z. Timotijević, S. Manojlović, Z. Ivljanin

Pages 367-372


Ponašanje emulzija za obradu metala u eksploatacionim uslovima

M. Dugić , P. Dugić

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Podmazivanje i popravka reduktora zaokretne trake BKH–320

V. Jovičić, S.Lj. Marković, D. Veličković

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Frikcioni ustavljač kao pomoć u radu hidrodinamičke spojnice na trakastom transporteru

Z. Živković, S.Lj. Marković, D. Veličković

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Prilog dijagnozi tehničkog stanja triboloških sistema hidrauličkog bagera RH-120-E

H. Avdić, A. Demirović, M. Hasanović

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Authors Index

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