12th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB '11

11-13 May 2011, Kragujevac, Serbia

Edited by B. Ivković, M. Babić and S. Mitrović


International Scientific Committee

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Plenary Lectures


Nanotribology, nanomechanics and materials characterization studies and applications to bio/nanotechnology and biomimetics

B. Bhushan

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Equipments and materials for tribotesting in open space on ILS

N.K. Myshkin, A.Ya. Grigoriev, V.L. Basiniuk, A.I. Mardasevich, V.G. Kudritsky, I.N. Kavaliova

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Optimization of wet or dry micro-blasting on PVD films by various Al2O3 grain sizes for improving the coated tools’ cutting performance

K.-D. Bouzakis, A. Tsouknidas, G. Skordaris, E. Bouzakis, S. Makrimallakis, S. Gerardis, G. Katirtzoglou

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Nanotehnologije: primena AFM/MFM u karakterizaciji materijala

L. Matija, R. Mitrović, Đ. Koruga

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Tribological Properties of Materials and Coatings


Wear-resistance of aluminum matrix microcomposite materials

M. Kandeva, L. Vasileva, R. Rangelov, S. Simeonova

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About the deposition of superalloys by means of supersonic HVOF process

I. Peichev, M. Kandeva, E. Assenova, V. Pojidaeva

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Euler’s law in the aspect of the general law of contact interaction of tribology

M. Kandeva, E. Assenova, Y. Stoianova

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Influence of tin on the structure and properties of spherographitic cast iron

B. Ivanova, M. Kandeva, Z. Kaleicheva, R. Rangelov

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Complex study of surface layers and coatings

M. Kandeva, I. Peichev, N. Kostova, K. Stoichkov

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Heat exchanger tube to tube sheet joints corrosion behavior

M. Iancu, R.G. Ripeanu, I. Tudor

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Flow behavior of EPDM rubber of different hardness values under axysymetric compressive load in dry working condition

A. Mukhopadhyay, M. Sarkar

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Transferred material influence on elastomer-plastomer couple behavior in dry sliding

G. Podaru, S. Ciortan, I. Birsan

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Influence of microstructure, produced by heat treatment and sever plastic deformation, on tribological properties of low-carbon steel

V.I. Semenov, S.-J. Huang, L.Sh. Shuster, P.-Ch. Lin

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Evaluation of the spread range of 3D parameters for coated surfaces

L. Deleanu, A. Cantaragiu, I.G. Bîrsan, G. Podaru, C. Georgescu

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The tribological investigations of multicomponent multilayed ion-plasma coatings Avinit

A. Sagalovych, V. Sagalovych, A. Kononyhin, V. Popov, A. Lubchenko, A. Olejnik

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Corrosion behaviour of the as-cast and heat-treated ZA27 alloy

B. Bobić, S. Mitrović, M. Babić, A. Vencl, I. Bobić

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Abrasive material for abrasive water jet cutting and their influence on cut surface quality

P. Janković, M. Radovanović, J. Baralić

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Some developments in triboanalysis of coated machine components

A.A. Minewitsch

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Plasma nitriding as treatment for improvement of wear properties machine parts

R. Gligorijevic, J. Jevtic, Dj. Borak

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Determination of friction in bulk metal forming processes

I. Kačmarčik, D. Movrin, O. Lužanin, P. Skakun, M. Plančak, D. Vilotić

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Comparative study on the tribological behavior of metal and ceramic model coatings

A. Mourlas, P. Psyllaki, A. Koutsomichalis, N.M. Vaxevanidis

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Nano characterization of hard coatings with aditional ion implantation

B. Škorić, G. Favaro, D. Kakaš, A. Miletić, D. Ješić

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Nanostructured AlN/TiN films grown by reactive sputtering or ion implantation of Al/Ti multilayers

M. Milosavljević, D. Peruško, D. Pjević, M. Obradović, M. Mitrić, M. Čizmović, J. Kovač, P. Panjan, C. Jeynes

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Influence of sliding speed and surface roughness on the friction coefficient and wear of TiN coatings deposited at low temperature

D. Kakaš, B. Škorić, P. Terek, L. Kovačević, A. Miletić, M. Vilotić, S. Mitrović, M. Babić

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Tribological potencial of hybrid composites based on zinc and aluminium alloys reinforced with SiC and graphite particles

S. Mitrović, M. Babić, B. Stojanović, N. Miloradović

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Influence of previous machining on characteristics of galvanic coatings

B. Nedić, D. Jovanović, G. Lakić Globočki

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Inhomogenities of plastic deformation – serrations in comercial Al-Mg alloys

Lj. Radović, M. Nikačević, M. Popović, E. Romhanji, B. Jordović

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Tribology in biomaterials design and selection

F. Živic, M. Babic, S. Mitrovic, D. Adamovic, N. Grujovic

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Tribological properties of shot peened surfaces of 36NiCrMo16 alloyed steels in dry sliding condition

M. Babić, D. Adamović, S. Mitrović, F. Živić, D. Džunić, M. Pantić

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Wear behaviour of TiN coatings for cold forming tools under dry sliding conditions

S. Mitrović, M. Babić, D. Adamović, F. Živić, D. Džunić, M. Pantić

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Strach epoxy composites a study of starch amount influence

I. Roman, V. Ungureanu, V. Bria, A. Circiumaru, I.-G. Birsan

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Tribological and wear properties of multi-layered materials

V. Bria, D. Dima, G. Andrei, I.-G. Birsan, A. Circiumaru

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Tribological comparison of some particulate composites

V. Ungureanu, I. Roman, V. Bria, I.-G. Birsan, A. Circiumaru

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Tribology of Machine Elements


Influence of power transmitter dynamic load on physical and chemical properties of used lubricant

A. Ilić, D. Josifović, L. Ivanović, S. Savić

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Multicriteria optimization of panetary gear train using evolutionary strategies

B. Rosić, Lj. Janković, M. Milojević

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Failure analysis of the timing belt drives

B. Stojanović, S. Tanasijević, N. Marjanović, M. Blagojević

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Tribology aspects of proactive maintenance approach

B. Jeremić, I. Mačužić, P. Todorović, M. Đapan, U. Proso

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Prognostic of tribology processes in hydraulic equipment

I. Mačužić, P. Todorović, U. Proso, M. Đapan, B. Jeremić

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Influence of friction on the force distribution at cycloidal speed reducer

M. Blagojević, N. Marjanović, B. Stojanović, Z. Đorđević, M. Kočić

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Graphics which connect basic roughness parameters in finish turning for two kind of steel

S.St. Sekulic, N. Tasic, B. Bogojevic

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About the influence of friction coefficient on heat generation during friction stir welding

M. Mijajlović, D. Stamenković, M. Đurđanović, D. Milčić

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Selection of the most appropriate technology of reparatory hardfacing of working parts on universal construction machinery

V. Lazić, M. Mutavdžić, D. Milosavljević, S. Aleksandrović, B. Nedeljković, P. Marinković, R. Čukić

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Specific sliding of the trochoidal gearing at the gerotor pump

L. Ivanović, D. Josifović, A. Ilić, B. Stojanović

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Lubricating engine oils for specific marine applications

A.-G. Marin, O. Florea, I. Petre

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Slide bearing for electric motors in Tesla’s legacy

A. Marinković, B. Stojiljković, M. Stanković

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Damage of the Co-Cr-Mo femoral head of a total hip prosthesis and its influence on the wear mechanism

L. Capitanu, L.L. Badita, D.C. Bursuc

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Loss mechanisms and efficency of pushing metal belt CVT

M. Banić, D. Stamenković, V. Miltenović, J. Milisavljević

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Flammability tests on hot surface for several hydraulic fluid

L. Deleanu, S. Ciortan, C. Georgescu

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Comparison of additive’s protective layer on the cylinder liner surface using diesel engine and pin on plate test rigs

D. Bektas, H. Kaleli

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Neutral radius value determination by numerical simulation method at ring upsetting test

M. Vilotić, D. Kakaš, P. Terek, L. Kovačević, A. Miletić

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Investigation of action mechanism of additives from mineral raw materials

E. Lyubchenko, S. Aksyonova

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Behavior of the sintered carbide pins under simulated work conditions – experimental study

A. Neacsa, D.B. Stoica, N.N. Antonescu

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Research regarding the anticorosiv protection of atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit that process crude oil

M. Morosanu, M.G. Petrescu, N.N. Antonescu

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Application of mobile device for oil analysis

P. Todorović, I. Mačužić, A. Brković, B. Jeremić

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Linear reciprocating tribometer – examples of an obtained investigation results

I. Macuzic, U. Proso, B. Jeremic, P. Todorovic, M. Đapan

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Multipurpose biodegradable lubricating greases

O. Florea, A.-G. Marin, V. Matei

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Microindentation of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) based bone cement

F. Živić, M. Babić, G. Favaro, M. Caunii, N. Grujović, S. Mitrovic

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The influence of various process parameters on coefficient of friction on die at ironing of AlMg3 sheet metals

D. Adamović, M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović, M. Živković, Z. Gulišija

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The traverse speed influence on surface roughness in abrasive waterjet cutting applications

J. Baralić, B. Nedić, P. Janković

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Research on life prolongation for temperature sensors placed in highly erosive environment

O.N. Ionescu, G.C. Ionescu, M. Minescu, I. Nae

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Physical modelling of variable contact pressure and variable drawbead height influence on deep drawing of thin sheets

S. Aleksandrovic, T. Vujinovic, M. Stefanovic, V. Lazic, D. Adamovic

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Characteristics of friction in sheet metal sliding with thickness reduction

S. Đačić, M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović, D. Adamović

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Analysis of changes of bulk modulus of mineral oil – effects on the dynamic behavior of hydraulic actuators

D. Knežević, A. Milašinović, Z. Milovanović, V. Savić

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Effect of changes of viscosity of mineral oil in the function of pressure on flowing through a long radial clearance

D. Knežević, A. Milašinović, Z. Milovanović, V. Savić

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The behaviour of some additivated composite materials at sliding indentation test

C. Spanu, S. Ciortan, V. Bria, I. Roman

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The influence of the relative sliding on the surface quality

N. Diaconu, L. Deleanu, F. Potecaşu, S. Ciortan

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Application of contemporary information technologies in nanotribometry

M. Erić, S. Mitrović, F. Živić, M. Pantić

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Development of tribometer and measurement results of static coefficient of friction sliding and coefficient of rolling friction by principle steep plane

B. Tadić, B. Jeremić, Đ. Vukelić, S. Mitrović, M. Erić

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Trenje, habanje i podmazivanje


Rezultati eksperimentalnih ispitivanja triboloških karakteristika ulja iz motora i menjača vozila

S. Perić, B. Nedić

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Uticaj temperature na mehaničke karakteristike čestičnih ZA27/Al2O3 kompozita

I. Bobić, M. Babić, S. Mitrović, A. Vencl, B. Bobić

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Uticaj tehničke dijagnostike na stanje ispravnosti tehničkih sistema

H. Avdić, A. Demirović, M. Hasanović

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Primjena tribološki ispravnog konstruiranja na rješavanju problema trošenja (u cilju smanjenja gubitaka i troškova održavanja)

V. Marušić, G. Rozing, L. Marušić, Ž. Ivandić

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Tehnološko nasleđe površina tribo-mehaničkih sistema regenerisanih navarivanjem

S.Lj. Marković, T. Lazović, A. Marinković, S. Tanasijević, D. Josifović

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Authors Index

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