13th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB '13

15-17 May 2013, Kragujevac, Serbia

Edited by M. Babić and S. Mitrović


International Scientific Committee

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Plenary Lectures


The green automobile – Definition and realization

W.J. Bartz

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The eco-label and the conflict between biodegradability and environmentally acceptability of lubricants

W.J. Bartz

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Roughness and texture concepts in tribology

N.K. Myhkin, A.Ya. Grigoriev

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Recent developments in coatings characterizatrion for facilitating the coated tool life prediction

K.-D. Bouzakis, G. Skordaris, E. Bouzakis, N. Michailidis

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Tribological Properties of Materials and Coatings


Prediction of coated tools performance in milling based on the film fatigue at different strain rates

K.D. Bouzakis, R. Paraskevopoulou, G. Katirtzoglou, S. Makrimallakis, E. Bouzakis, P. Charalampous

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Selective transfer of materials in the aspect of green tribology

E. Assenova, G. Polzer, Dr. Tsermaa, M. Kandeva

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Abrasive wear and wear-resistance of high strength cast iron containing Sn microalloy

M. Kandeva, B. Ivanova

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Influence of nano-diamond particles on the tribological characteristics of nickel chemical coatings

M. Kandeva, D. Karastoianov, B. Ivanova, V. Pojidaeva

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Wear behavior of austempered ductile iron with nanosized additives

J. Kaleicheva

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Nickel composite coatings modified by diamond nanoparticles

M. Kandeva, N. Gidikova, R. Valov, V. Petkov

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Tribological behavior of thermal spray coatings, deposited by HVOF and APS techniques, and composite electrodeposits Ni/SiC at both room temperature and 300 °C

A. Lanzutti, M. Lekka, E. Marin, L. Fedrizzi

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Mechanochemical synthesis of nanosized mixed oxides

N.G. Kostova, M. Kandeva, M. Fabian, A. Eliyas, P. Balaz

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Wear of polished steel surfaces in dry friction linear contact on polimer composites with glass fibres

D. Rus, L. Capitanu

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Experimental investigation of friction coefficient and wear rate of composite materials sliding against smooth and rough mild steel counterfaces

M.A. Chowdhury, D.M. Nuruzzaman, B.K. Roy, S. Samad, R. Sarker, A.H.M. Rezwan

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Abrasive wear resistance of the iron- and WC-based hardfaced coatings evaluated with scratch test method

A. Vencl, B. Gligorijević, B. Katavić, B. Nedić, D. Džunić

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Topographic and electrochemical Ti6Al4V alloy surface characterization in dry and wet reciprocating sliding

Z. Doni, M. Buciumeanu, L. Palaghian

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Friction coefficient of UHMWPE during dry reciprocating sliding

F. Živić, M. Babić, S. Mitrović, D. Adamović, S. Pelemis

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The potential of magnesium alloys as bioabsorbable/biodegradable implants for biomedical applications

F. Zivic, N. Grujovic, G. Manivasagam, C. Richard, J. Landoulsi, V. Petrovic

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Analysis of the surface layer formation of single cylinder engine combustion chamber with phosphorous-free and conventional engine lubricants

L. Yüksek, H. Kaleli, D. Özkan, H. Hacikadiroğlu

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Tribological study of biocompatible hybrid organic molecules film with antibacterial effect

J.H. Horng, C.C. Wei, S.Y. Chern, W.H. Kao, K.W. Chern, Y.S. Chen

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The influence of corrosion on the microstructure of thermally treated ZA27/SiCp composites

B. Bobić, A. Vencl, M. Babić, S. Mitrović, I. Bobić

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Tribological characterisation of PBT + glass bead composites with the help of block-on-ring test

C. Georgescu, M. Botan, L. Deleanu

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Normal force influence on 3D texture parameters characterizing the friction couple steel – PBT + 10 % PTFE

C. Georgescu, L. Deleanu, C. Pirvu

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Wear behaviour of composites based on ZA27 alloy reinforced with graphite particles

S. Mitrović, M. Babić, I. Bobić, F. Zivić, D. Dzunić, M. Pantić

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Wear properties of A356/10SiC/1Gr hybrid composites in lubricated sliding conditions

M. Babić, B. Stojanović, S. Mitrović, I. Bobić, N. Miloradović, M. Pantić, D. Džunić

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A review of the tribological properties of PTFE composites filled with glass, graphite, carbon or bronze reinforcement

M. Stanković, A. Vencl, A. Marinković

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Wear characteristics of hybrid composites based on ZA27 alloy reinforced with silicon carbide and graphite particles

S. Mitrović, M. Babić, N. Miloradović, I. Bobić, B. Stojanović, D. Džunić

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Influence of oxidation layer generated on preheated contact pairs on static coefficient of friction

M. Jeremić, D. Adamović, S. Mitrović, B. Bogdanović, A. Simić, S. Ranđelović, P. Todorović

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Dynamics of SAMs in boundary lubrication

J. Manojlović

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Influence of rice husk ash – silicon carbide weight ratios on the mechanical behaviour of Al-Mg-Si alloy matrix hybrid composites

K.K. Alaneme, T.M. Adewale

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Tribological properties of nanometric atomic layer depositions applied on AISI 420 stainless steel

E. Marin, A. Lanzutti, l. Fedrizzi

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Preparation and characterization of quaternary ammonium surfactants on muscovite mica

J. Manojlović

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Mo-C multilayered CVD coatings

A. Sagalovych, V. Sagalovych

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Tribology of Machine Elements


Equilibrium state formation features of surface layers of machine parts

V.F. Bezjazychnyj, A.N. Sutyagin

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The investigation of coated tools tribological characteristics influence on the cutting process and the quality parameters of the parts surface layer

F.R. Nikolaevich

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Modeling surface roughness effects on piston skirt EHL in initial engine start up using high and low viscosity grade oils

M. Gulzar, S.A. Qasim, R.A. Mufti

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Stresses and deformations analysis of a dry friction clutch system

O.I. Abdullah, J. Schlattmann, A.M. Al-Shabibi

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The waviness of an abrasive water jet generated surface

J. Baralić, P. Janković, B. Nedić

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Effect of refractory elements on wear intensity of the surface layers in the abrasive soil mass

J. Napiórkowski, P. Drożyner, P. Szczyglak

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Experimental analysis of tooth height changing at timing belts

B. Stojanović, L. Ivanović, A. Ilić, I. Miletić

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Cyclo drive efficiency

T. Mačkić, Ž. Babić, N. Kostić, M. Blagojević

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Tribological aspects of the process of winding the steel rope around the winch drum

M. Matejić, M. Blagojević, V. Marjanović, R. Vujanac, B. Simić

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Applicative monitoring of vehicles engine oil

S. Perić, B. Nedić, A. Grkić

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Advantages and applications of self-lubricating plastic bearings

A. Marinković, M. Stanković

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Effect of viscosity on elastohydrodynamic lubrication between parallel surfaces subjected to high acceleration

U.A. Zia, A.A. Baqai, W. Akram

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Increasing of tool life for hot forging using surface modification

M. Stefanović, D. Džunić, V. Mandić, S. Aleksandrović, D. Adamović, S. Mitrović

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Analysis of tribological process during ironing of sheet metal made of AlMg3

D. Adamović, M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović, M. Živković, F. Živić, M. Topalović

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Optimal design of a cammechanism with translating flat-face follower using genetic algorithm

I. Tsiafis, S. Mitsi, K.D. Bouzakis, A. Papadimitriou

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Influence of various types of rock aggregates on selection of the working parts material in civil engineering

V. Lazić, M. Mutavdžić, R. Nikolić, S. Aleksandrović, D. Milosavljević, B. Krstić, R. Čukić

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Techno-economic justification for reparatory hard-facing of machine systems’ working parts

V. Lazić, R. Čukić, S. Aleksandrović, D. Milosavljević, R. Nikolić, B. Krstić, B. Nedeljković

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Tribology aspect of rubber shock absorbers development

M. Banić, D. Stamenković, M. Milošević, A. Miltenović

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Effects of using of MQL technique in metal cutting

G. Globočki Lakić, B. Sredanović, D. Kramar, B. Nedić, J. Kopač

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Tribological aspect of rubber based parts used in engineering (Revised version)

D. Stamenković, M. Nikolić, M. Milošević, M. Banić, A. Miltenović, M. Mijajlović

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Possibility of replacing the chorinated paraffins in metalworking fluids

M. Dugić, B. Kojić, P. Dugić, G. Dugić

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Quality of plasma cutting

B. Nedić, M. Janković, M. Radovanović, G. Globočki Lakić

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Tribological aspects of sintered steel gear in application worm-and-gear set

A. Miltenović, M. Banić, M. Mijajlović, Đ. Miltenović

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Preliminary study on the seizure trend of a MOM-THP with self-directed balls

L. Capitanu, L.-L. Badita, V. Florescu, D.C. Bursuc

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Analyzing the influence of the construction element position on torque transmission by friction

M. Jeremić, B. Bogdanović, A. Simić, D. Miljanić, P. Todorović, S. Randjelovic, B. Tadić

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Use algorithm for construction 3D visibility graphs to describe plastic and elastic deformation of robot laser hardened specimens

M. Babič, P. Kokol, M. Milfelner, P. Panjan, I. Belič

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Use fractal geometry to describe friction of robot laser hardened specimens

M. Babič, P. Kokol, M. Milfelner, P. Panjan, I. Belič

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Use new process in robot laser hardening to decrease wear of specimens

M. Babič, P. Kokol, M. Milfelner, P. Panjan, I. Belič

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Different ways of friction coefficient determination in stripe ironing test

S. Aleksandrovic, M. Stefanovic, V. Lazic, D. Adamovic, M. Djordjevic, D. Arsic

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A nanomechanical approach on the measurement of the elastic properties of epoxy reinforced carbon nanotube nanocomposites

G. Mansour, D. Tzetzis, K.D. Bouzakis

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Some tribology state tests of “EPDM” rubber based on laboratory experimentations

A. Mukhopadhyay

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Application of 3D software packages for designing tribometer of modular type

I. Mačužić, B. Jeremić, P. Todorović, M. Đapan, M. Radenković, M. Milošević

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Using of Kalman filter as a prognostic tool for tribology processes

I. Mačužić, P. Todorović, M. Đapan, M. Radenković, B. Jeremić

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Friction coefficient estimation during friction stir welding with the single shouldered welding tool

M. Mijajlović, D. Stamenković, M. Banić, A. Miletnović, M. Milošević

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Measurement instrumentation for determination of static coefficient of rolling friction

P. Todorović, I. Mačužić, B. Jeremić, M. Đapan, B. Tadić

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Implemenation SQL reporting service in the tribologycal data bases

M. Erić, M. Djukić

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Trenje, habanje i podmazivanje


Veštačko starenje tiksolivene ZA27 legure i čestičnih ZA27/SiC kompozita

I. Bobić, M. Babić, A. Vencl, S. Mitrović, B. Bobić

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Uticaj površine podloge na karakteristike prevlaka cinka

D. Jovanović, B. Nedić, M. Čupović, V. Matrušić

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Defektacija reduktora BKSH-335 za pokretanje trakastih transportera bagera Sch Rs 630

S.Lj. Marković, Lj. Milović, B. Stojiljković

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Ispitivanje mehaničkih i strukturnih osobina prevlaka otpornih na eroziju i visoke temperature

M.R. Mrdak

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Izbor merne glave diferencijalnog pneumatskog komparatora za kontrolu unutrašnjih mera mašinskih delova

D. Skoko, C. Crnojević, M. Ristivojević

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Povećanje pouzdanosti podsistema kopanja rotornog bagera podešavanjem triboloških karakteristika reznih elemenata

V. Vukotić, D. Čabrilo

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Ponašanje nehrđajućih čelika u kombiniranim uvjetima trošenja

G. Rozing, A. Pintarić, D. Jovanović, V. Marušić

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Authors Index

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