14th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB '15

13-15 May 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

Edited by A. Vencl


International Scientific Committee

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Plenary Lectures


Tribological behaviour of W-DLC against an aluminum alloy in lubricated sliding

S. Bhowmick, A. Banerji, A.T. Alpas

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Global impact of friction on energy consumption, economy and environment

K. Holmberg, A. Erdemir

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Polymer tribology: Current state and applications

N.K. Myshkin, S.S. Pesetskii, A.Ya. Grigoriev

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Nanomechanical investigations of graphene by friction force microscopy

E. Meyer, S. Kawai, G. Fessler, A. Baratoff, E. Gnecco, R. Pawlak, T. Meier, S. Freund, A. Hinaut, R. Jöhr, M. Kisiel, U. Gysin, T. Glatzel

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Tribological Properties of Solid Materials


An experimental investigation and improvement of insulated rail joints

F.A. Elshukri, R. Lewis

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Experimental investigation of the friction and wear behaviour with an adapted ball-on-prism test setup

V. Krasmik, J. Schlattmann

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Experimental investigation of friction coefficient and wear rate of brass and bronze under lubrication conditions

S. Senhadji, F. Belarifi, F. Robbe-Valloire

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Study behavior the coefficient of friction and wear rate of the brass alloy CuZn30 on counterface material conversely

A. Al-Sammarraie, D. Milcic, S. Ayed

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The investigation of friction and wear characteristic of cast iron against manganese phosphate coated and austempered compressor crankshaft

B.İ. Sipcikoğlu, B. Yiğit, H. Oflaz, Z. Parlar, V. Temiz

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Study of stainless steels at boundary layer friction in corrosive environments

M. Kandeva, G. Klitcheva

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Corrosion behavior of compocasted ZA27/SiCp composites in sodium chloride solution

B. Bobić, I. Bobić, A. Vencl, M. Babić, S. Mitrović

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Nanoindentation of ZA27 alloy based nanocomposites reinforced with Al2O3 particles

D. Džunić, S. Mitrović, M. Babić, I. Bobić, M. Pantić, D. Adamović, B. Nedeljković

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Optimization of wear behaviour in aluminium hybrid composites using Taguchi method

B. Stojanović, M. Babić, S. Veličković, J. Blagojević

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Neural network based analysis of tribological behavior for an epoxy-aramid system

I. Roman, S. Ciortan, I.G. Birsan

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Surface Engineering and Coating Tribology


Tribological characterization of smooth and artificially textured coated surfaces using block on ring tests

A. Zavos, P.G. Nikolakopoulos

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An overview on the tribological behaviour of nitro-carburised steels for various industrial applications

G. Pantazopoulos, P. Psyllaki

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Review above applying active anode protection at some dynamic petroleum equipment’s in order to reduce wear

R.G. Ripeanu, V. Ispas, D. Ispas

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Explanation of the wear behavior of NCD coated carbide tools facilitated by appropriate methods for assessing the coating adhesion deterioration at elevated temperatures

K.-D. Bouzakis, G. Skordaris, E. Bouzakis, D. Tasoulas, P. Charalampous, S. Kombogiannis, O. Lemmer

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Mechanical and tribological properties of nanolayered TiAlN/TiSiN coating

A. Miletić, P. Terek, P. Panjan, L. Kovačević, D. Kukuruzović, B. Škorić

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Surface roughness and its effect on tribological performance of magnetron sputtered nitride coatings

P. Terek, D. Kukuruzović, A. Miletić, P. Panjan, L. Kovačević, B. Škorić

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Tribological and corrosion properties of nickel coating on carbon steel

J. Vite-Torres, M. Vite-Torres, R. Aguilar-Osorio, J.E. Reyes-Astivia

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Mechanical testing of electronic printed circuit boards and soldering alloys

A.M. Petrescu, G.I. Paduraru, A. Tudor, N.A. Stoica

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The tribological performance of hardfaced/thermal sprayed coatings for increasing the wear resistance of ventilation mill working parts

A. Vencl, B. Katavić, D. Marković, M. Ristic, B. Gligorijević

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Experimental investigation of wear resistance of models hard faced with various filler metals

D. Arsić, V. Lazić, M. Mutavdžić, R. Nikolić, S. Aleksandrović, S. Mitrović, M. Đorđević

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Wear-resistance study of nano-modified coatings by TIG surfacing process

P. Tachev, H. Kondov, М. Kandeva, E. Tasheva

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Lubricants and Lubrication


Up-to-date tribology equipment for standard qualification of greases

A. Minewitsch, A. Marinkovic

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The influence of degumming process on tribological behaviour of soybean oil

C. Georgescu, L.C. Șolea, L. Deleanu

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Physical and chemical properties of the biodegradable universal tractor oil based on the vegetable oils

S. Peric, B. Nedic, M. Vuruna, M. Stoiljkovic

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Tribological properties of biodegradable universal tractor transmission oil

M. Stojilković, M. Kolb

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Analysis of HD journal bearings considering elastic deformation and non-Newtonian Rabinowitsch fluid model

J. Javorova, A. Mazdrakova, I. Andonov, A. Radulescu

Pages 209-219


Low Reynolds number non-isothermal microbearing gas flow

S.S. Milicev, N.D. Stevanovic

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Rheological methods for evaluation of the base oils obtained by conditioning of hydraulic used oils

A.V. Radulescu, L. Bogatu, I. Radulescu

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Influence poly-molecular adsorption on the rheological behaviour of lubricating oil in a thin layer

I. Mukchortov, E. Zadorozhnaya, I. Levanov, K. Pochkaylo

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Influence of the metal-plating additive “Valena” on the wear of spheroidal graphite cast iron microalloyed by Sn

M. Kandeva, B. Ivanova, D. Karastoyanov, A. Vencl, E. Assenova

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Specifications influence on composition and tribological characteristics of industrial gears lubricants

P. Dugić, M. Dugić

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Tribotesting and Tribosystem Monitoring


New universal tribometer as pin or ball-on-disc and reciprocating pin-on-plate types

H. Kaleli

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High temperature test device for targeted lubricant, coating and work roll material evaluation applied in hot rolling – Tribotherm

T. Reichardt, D. Reche, M. Sartor

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Static coefficient of rolling friction at high temperature

B. Jeremic, M. Radenkovic, P. Todorovic, I. Macuzic, M. Jeremic, V. Kocovic

Pages 262-265


Elasticity and damping of AVM-2055 rubber mounting pads: Theoretical determination and experimental verification

I. Tsiafis, M. Xanthopoulou, P. Mamouri, C. Tsiafis, P. Todorovic

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Effect of vibration velocity on the wear under conditions of abrasive friction

M. Kandeva, T. Grozdanova

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The control of the lubricant film by the resistive method for scuffing

M. Fomin Vasilache, I. Musca

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Continuous, online detection of critical operating conditions and wear damage with a new oil condition monitoring system, WearSens®

M. Mauntz, U. Kuipers, J. Peuser

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Reduction and maintenance of turbochargers by applying valid tribological constructing

V. Marušić, J. Jukić, L. Marušić, Ž. Ivandić

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Tribology of Machine Elements


Fretting phenomenon based reliability for design

M. Ognjanović, M. Ristić

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Static performance of surface textured magnetorheological fluid journal bearings

D. Bompos, P. Nikolakopoulos

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Effect of coverage of graphite on self-lubricating plain bearings

N. Bojic, D. Milcic, M. Banic, M. Milcic

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Tribological properties of self-lubricating sliding bearings made of PTFE and POM-based composite materials

M. Stanković, A. Marinković

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EHD contact modelling of Gleason bevel gears

S. Szávai, S. Kovács

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The influence of the running-in process of the gear flanks on the load distribution in simultaneously meshed tooth pairs

M. Ristivojevic, A. Dimic, P. Dobratic

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The effect of interference on the friction torque characteristics of TPU based rotary lip seals

D. Bulut, V. Temiz, Z. Parlar

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Experimental research on the determination of the friction forces from dynamic seals of the hydraulic cylinders

C. Cristescu, C. Dumitrescu, R. Radoi, L. Dumitrescu

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Tribology of Manufacturing Processes


Friction conditions in tool-chip interface of orthogonal cutting with large negative rake angle

A.P. Markopoulos, N.E. Karkalos, N.M. Vaxevanidis, D.E. Manolakos

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Considerations on the impact of cutting parameters selection on the wearing of cutting tools made of syntherized metallic carbides

I. Nae, G.C. Ionescu, O.N. Ionescu

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New trends in cutting technologies: Application of high pressure jet assisted machining

B. Sredanović, G. Globočki-Lakić, D. Kramar, J. Kopač

Pages 367-375


Experimental study of adhesive wear of a holding device using a cross cylinders tester

M. Vite-Torres, E.A. Gallardo-Hernández, E. Cruz-Ovando

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Characteristics and limitations of physical tribo-modelling in deep drawing of thin sheet metal

M. Stefanović, D. Adamović, Z. Gulišija, S. Aleksandrović, M. Kraišnik, V. Mandić

Pages 382-387


The compilance and load capacity of contacts based on friction

V. Kočović, M. Jeremić, P. Todorović, B. Tadić, D. Vukelić

Pages 388-396


Influence of lubricant type on the surface quality of aluminium parts obtained by ironing

D. Adamović, M. Stefanović, M. Živković, S. Mitrović, J. Živković, F. Živić

Pages 397-406 Download PDF (3539 KB)


Two-phase ironing process in conditions of ecologic and classic lubricants application

M. Djordjevic, S. Aleksandrovic, V. Lazic, D. Arsic, M. Stefanovic, D. Milosavljevic

Pages 407-413

Design and Calculation of Tribocontacts


Effect of surface roughness on the thermoelastic behavior of friction clutches

O.I. Abdullah, J. Schlattmann, M. Lytkin

Pages 417-426 Download PDF (2382 KB)


A numerical model for mechanical interaction of rough surfaces of the “piston-cylinder liner” tribosystem

Y. Goritskiy, Y. Ismailova, K. Gavrilov, Y. Rozhdestvensky, A. Doikin

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Methods of assessing the resource bearing crankshaft of internal combustion engine based on the calculation of hydro-mechanical characteristics

I.G. Levanov, E.A. Zadorozhnaya, A.L. Dudnikov

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A study the axial and radial rotor stability of the turbo-machinery with allowance the geometry of the surface and properties of the lubricating fluid

E. Zadorozhnaya, S. Cherneyko, M. Kurochkin, D. Sorokin

Pages 438-445 Download PDF (488 KB)


The influence of friction coefficient on a stress and strain distribution on block-on-ring FEM model

M. Botan, D. Boazu, C. Georgescu, L. Deleanu

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Computer simulation of continuous SPD processing of commercially pure titanium using a virtual full factorial experiment with account of the influence of friction factors

V.I. Semenov, S.-J. Huang, L.Sh. Shuster, V.G. Shibakov, A.G. Raab

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Modelling of nonlinear dynamic of mechanic systems with the force tribological interaction

V. Musalimov, K. Nuzhdin, I. Kalapyshina

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Physical and mathematical modeling of tribosystem “working tool – land”

K. Borak

Pages 468-471

Biotribology / Nano and Microtribology


Influence of the biomaterial porosity on the host tissue response, the friction and adhesion

F. Zivic, N. Grujovic, S. Mitrovic, D. Adamović, V. Petrovic, L. Bukvic, A. Radovanovic

Pages 475-484 Download PDF (627 KB)


Sliding friction and wear performance of the nano-bioceramic α-Al2O3 prepared by high energy milling

M. Fellah

Pages 485-498


Tribology in micromechatronical devices

J. Manojlović, A. Milojević, M. Tomić, V. Pavlović, M. Milošević

Pages 499-508 Download PDF (2218 KB)


Estimation of triboresistance of erythrocytes during surface scanning with the use of atomic force microscopy

V.M. Musalimov, P.P. Kovalenko, S.Yu. Perepelkina

Pages 509-513 Download PDF (616 KB)


AFM surface roughness and topography analysis of lithium disilicate glass ceramic

M. Pantić, S. Mitrović, M. Babić, D. Jevremović, D. Džunić, F. Živić, D. Adamović

Pages 514-521 Download PDF (2343 KB)


Some aspects concerning the behaviour of friction materials at low and very low sliding speeds

N.A. Stoica, A. Tudor

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Other Topics Related to Tribology


Sources for future energy carriers: Water energy – tribological aspects

W.J. Bartz

Pages 531-534 Download PDF (3393 KB)


Research on tribology phenomena in every day life

D. Stamenković, M. Nikolić, Lj. Vasin, M. Banić, A. Miltenović

Pages 535-542 Download PDF (1512 KB)


Tribology in human walking

M. Nikolić, D. Stamenković, M. Milošević, M. Banić

Pages 543-548 Download PDF (902 KB)


The role of self-organization and selective transfer in frictional coatings formation

E. Assenova

Pages 549-557 Download PDF (1252 KB)


The effect of static friction about loading of Coulombian dampers

N. Cerbu, A. Tudor, N. Stoica, A.M. Petrescu

Pages 558-562 Download PDF (266 KB)


Energy balance of friction and friction coefficient in energetical interpretation

S.V. Fedorov

Pages 563-571 Download PDF (1425 KB)


Trigger of coupled singularities in vibrations of the system with Coulomb's type frictions

K.R.(S.) Hedrih

Pages 572-582 Download PDF (616 KB)


Research on tribology in Southeastern Europe: A bibliometric study

N.M. Vaxevanidis, A. Vencl, P. Psyllaki

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Trenje, habanje i podmazivanje


Tribološke karakteristike galvanskih prevlaka cinka

D. Jovanović, B. Nedić, G. Rozing

Pages 599-604


Istraživanje triboloških karakteristika različitih ulja primenjenih u tribomehaničkom sistemu

P. Kovač, D. Ješić, N. Gvozdenović, M. Gostimirović, V. Pucovsky

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Authors Index

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