5th International Conference on Tribology – BALKANTRIB '05 and 9th Yugoslav Conference on Tribology – YUTRIB '05

15-18 June 2005, Kragujevac, Serbia

Edited by B. Ivkovic


International Scientific Committee

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Greeting Address

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Plenary Session


Wear behaviour of PVD coated tools with respect to annealing treatments

K.-D. Bouzakis, G. Skordaris, S. Hadjiyiannis, I. Mirisidis, N. Michailidis, G. Erkens, I. Wirth

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Devices for tribotests at micro/nano scale

N.K. Myshkin

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Research regarding functional parameters influence about corrosion rate at crude oil pipes

N.N. Antonescu, R.G. Ripeanu

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Mineral oil production and consumption in Turkey

M.B. Karamiş

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Tribological and design parameters of lubricated sliding bearings

A. Rac, A. Vencl

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International school of tribology

N. Manolov, M. Kandeva, E. Assenova

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Tribology in Manufacturing Processes


Deep drawing of square pieces with variable tribological conditions on the flange

S. Aleksandrović, M. Stefanović, Z. Babić

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Influence of tribological conditions onto the sheet metal surface roughness at multiphase ironing

D. Adamovic, M. Stefanovic, V. Lazic, M. Živković

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Wear development on cemented carbide inserts, coated with variable film thickness in the cutting wedge region

K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Hadjiyiannis, G. Skordaris, I. Mirisidis, N. Michailidis, K. Efstathiou, G. Erkens

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Coating elastic-plastic properties determined by means of nanoindentations and FEM-supported evaluation algorithms

K.-D. Bouzakis, N. Michailidis

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Loading simulation of lumbar spine vertebrae during a compression test using the finite elements method and trabecular bone strength properties, determined by means of nanoindentations

K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Mitsi, N. Michailidis, I. Mirisidis, G. Mesomeris, G. Maliaris, A. Korlos, G. Kapetanos, P. Antonarakos, K. Anagnostidis

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Epoxy resin mechanical properties determination in assembly applications by means of FEM simulations

I. Τsiafis, K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Asimakopoulos, N. Michailidis, A. Korlos

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The inclined impact test, an efficient method to characterize coatings cohesion and adhesion properties

K.-D. Bouzakis, A. Asimakopoulos, N. Michailidis, E. Pavlidou, G. Erkens

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Aspects regarding the roughness of surfaces obtained by lapping

A. Deaconescu, T. Deaconescu

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Researches on the interrelationship between powder flow and his characteristics for aluminum powders

L.C. Falticeanu, I.T.H. Chang, C.T. Falticeanu

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Any considerations upon tribology of the contact-free moving seals for liquids

C.T. Falticeanu, M. Manea, S. Ciortan, L.C. Falticeanu

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New methods for assesing the frictional properties in a mass of consolidated powders

L.C. Falticeanu, I.T.H. Chang, C.T. Falticeanu, S. Ciortan

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Heat load of the workpiece surface-layer in grinding process

M. Gostimirovic, D. Milikic

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Another approach of surface texture in turning using motif and "Rk" parameters

G. Petropoulos, A. Marinkovic, N. Vodolazskaya, A. Korlos, I. Ntziantzias

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Optimal tribological design of soil processing tools

A. Natsis, G. Petropoulos

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New considerations of evaluating the anisotropy of machined surfaces

G. Petropoulos, P. Davim, F. Mata, C. Pandazaras

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Wear behavior of PVD TiAlN, CVD TiN coated and cermet cutting tools

H. Sert, A. Can, K. Habali, F. Okay

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Equations for cutting-tool performances marking in the function of cutting conditions

S.St. Sekulić

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Tribological aspects for injection processing of thermoplastic composite materials with glass fiber

L. Căpitanu, J. Onişoru, A. Iarovici

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Elimination of flow defects in the forward extrusion process by changing friction conditions

V. Mandić, M. Stefanović

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An extension of the wear model for the cutting tool during machining a Winkler brittle material

A. Tache, A. Tudor, C. Tache

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Plasma sraying of carbides based composites using new plasma torch design

M. Vilotijevic, B. Dacic, D. Bozic

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Application of "block on disc" tribometer in researching materials workability

G. Lakić Globočki, B. Nedić, V. Golubović Bugarski

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Ion implantation of kryptonite into the surface layer of tool steels

D. Kakaš, T. Novakov, B. Škorić, M. Rakita, M. Gregor, B. Ivković

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Tribological aspects of machine tools electromotor propulsion selection

B. Tadić, M. Babić, F. Živić

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Microabrasion testing of pulse plasma nitrided 42CrMo4 steel

D. Mikičić, A. Kunosić, M. Zlatanović

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The friction behaviour on the external surface of the friction stir welding of AA 6063-T6 tubes

E. Gerçekcioglu, T. Eren, K. Yildizli, N. Kahraman, E. Salamci

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Surface integrity and tribological behavior of plasma sprayed alumina coatings on steel and aluminum substrates

N.M. Vaxevanidis, D.E. Manolakos, G.P. Petropoulos

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Characterisation of APS Mo wear resistant coatings

M. Mrdak, D. Kakaš, Đ. Popović

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Neural network prediction of surface roughness in milling of AISI 1040 steel

E.S. Topal, C. Sinanoğlu, E. Gerçekcioğlu, K. Yildizli

Pages 240-244 Download PDF (182 KB)


Influence of unit effective feed on wear of hob milling tool

B. Sovilj, I. Sovilj-Nikić

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Erosive wear behaviour of hardfacing austenitic manganese deposit

K. Yildizli, M. Eroğlu, M.B. Karamiş

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Dinamics characteristics of metal cutting process

B. Nedić, N. Vesić, M. Ćetković

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Effects caused by implementation of cutting tools with coatings

Z. Stošić, M. Kokić, N. Vesić

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A new approach for determining the friction law in metal forming

S. Alexandrov, D. Vilotić, M. Plančak

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Reliability analysis of the ceramic cutting tools during turning

P. Dašić, V. Kuzin, R. Ječmenica

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Tribological characteristics of superhard Ti (C, N) coating deposited on milling cutters

I. Tudor, A.A. Popescu, R.G. Ripeanu, M. Balaceanu, V. Braic, M. Braic

Pages 277-280 Download PDF (145 KB)


Structural and mechanical characteristics of composites with base matrix of RAR27 alloy reinforced with Al2O3 and SiC particles

I. Bobic, M. Babic

Pages 281-284 Download PDF (551 KB)


A contribution to application of the mathematic modeling method for prognosis of the friction coefficient behaviour

M.B. Đurđanović, A.S. Vulić, I.J. Vulić

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Ecological lubricating greases

O. Florea, M. Luca, C. Steliean

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New lubricating oils for diesel engine with silver bearings

I. Petre, A. Constantinescu, L. Bogatu

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Tribology in Machine Elements


The temperature distribution in the wheel/brake shoes contact

C. Popescu, A. Tudor

Pages 301-306 Download PDF (72 KB)


A thermomechanical wear model for the brake shoe-wheel contact

A. Tudor, C. Popescu

Pages 307-310 Download PDF (51 KB)


Contact temperature in a fretting contact

A. Tudor, M.M. Khonsari

Pages 311-316 Download PDF (137 KB)


Tribological behaviour of a total hip prosthesis during normal walking active cycle

L. Capitanu, A. Iarovici, J. Onisoru, M. Popescu

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Wear of steel against carbon fibre reinforced PPS

J. Quintelier, P. Samyn, P. De Baets, W. Ost, W. Van Paepegem

Pages 324-330 Download PDF (498 KB)


Tribological behaviour of Al-based MMCs and their application in automotive industry

A. Vencl, A. Rac, I. Bobić

Pages 331-338 Download PDF (360 KB)


Temperature influence on bearing scuffing failure

C. Bujoreanu, S. Cretu

Pages 339-343 Download PDF (112 KB)


Load carriage performance of journal bearings considering effects of transverse and longitudinal profile

C. Sinanoğlu, F. Canbulut, F. Nair, E.S. Topal

Pages 344-351 Download PDF (396 KB)


Plasma nitriding of powder valve seat inserts for diesel engines

R. Gligorijevic, J. Jevtic, Dj. Borak

Pages 352-355 Download PDF (458 KB)


Optimum active control of autovibrations generated by stick-slip phenomenon

B. Dragan, G. Hagiu

Pages 356-360 Download PDF (130 KB)


Running safety on the contaminated travelled surfaces

G. Hagiu, B. Dragan

Pages 361-367 Download PDF (187 KB)


Examination of the influence of the constructive and technological parameters of a tribosystem upon the adhesion component of friction

G. Mishev, I. Uzunov

Pages 368-373 Download PDF (308 KB)


Antifrictional properties of self-lubricating composite materials under friction vacuum conditions

A.G. Kostornov, O.I. Fushchich, T.M. Chevichelova, Y.M. Simeonova, G.S. Sotirov

Pages 374-376 Download PDF (83 KB)


Vehicle as a complex tribo-mechanical system

M. Kokic

Pages 377-381 Download PDF (35 KB)


Tribologys contribution to rolling bearings maintenance

V. Koković, P. Todorović, B. Jeremić

Pages 382-385 Download PDF (93 KB)


Modern approach to rolling bearing service life prediction

V. Koković, P. Todorović, B. Jeremić

Pages 386-389 Download PDF (83 KB)


Liquid crystals as an object and means of tribological investigations

S. Bobrysheva, A. Kolenchenko

Pages 390-394 Download PDF (133 KB)


Determination of the optimal strategy for preventive maintenance of high pressure pumps vehicles using polycriterion optimization

B.V. Krstić

Pages 395-402 Download PDF (164 KB)


Progressive gear teeth wear and failure probability modeling

M. Ognjanovic

Pages 403-409 Download PDF (272 KB)


New experimental data measured on a two disk rig

P.L. Seiciu, D. Pavelescu

Pages 410-414 Download PDF (51 KB)


Biomechanical joints as tribolgy system

M. Opalić, M. Kljajin

Pages 415-419 Download PDF (484 KB)


Dimensional analysis method applied to investigations on the wear and adhesion of wheel and rail

S. Pytko, K. Furmanik

Pages 420-426 Download PDF (122 KB)


Comparative indicators of the tribological characteristics of the regenerated gears reparatorily hardfaced by various procedures

S. Markovic, R. Ciric, D. Josifovic, B. Cukic

Pages 427-434 Download PDF (682 KB)


Establish the reliability of piston-cylinder couple of downhole pumps

R.G. Ripeanu

Pages 435-440 Download PDF (98 KB)


Galvanic cathodic protection influence about diminishing wear in corroding medium

I. Tudor, R.G. Ripeanu

Pages 441-446 Download PDF (151 KB)


Rolling contact fatigue resistence on the bearing steel hardened in the ultrasonic field

N. Bancescu, C. Dulucheanu

Pages 447-449 Download PDF (307 KB)


The effect of ceramic coatings on corrosion and wear behaviour

Ş. Danişman, S. Savaş

Pages 450-457 Download PDF (1091 KB)


Comparison of wear behaviours of electrolytic hard chromium coated and nitrided AISI 4140 steels

Ş. Danişman, S. Savaş, F. Nair

Pages 459-464 Download PDF (1255 KB)


The possibility of static friction coefficient calculation

D. Stamenković, M. Đurđanović

Pages 465-469 Download PDF (234 KB)


Temperature distribution in surface layers of rubbing solids

D.V. Tkachuk, P.N. Bogdanovich, Yu.V. Nikityuk

Pages 470-473 Download PDF (147 KB)


Experimental research and statistical evaluation concerning liniar contact reability

F. Tudose-Sandu-Ville

Pages 474-479 Download PDF (172 KB)


Asbestos-free frictional materials with a polymer matrix: research directions and solved tasks

V. P. Sergeinko, I.I. Zlotnikov, A.V. Kupreev, O.S. Yarosh

Pages 480-484 Download PDF (360 KB)


Analysis of surface parameters of helical gears with smaller number of teeth

V. Atanasiu, D. Leohchi

Pages 485-492 Download PDF (93 KB)


Review on ballistic tribology

A.A. Cerit, M.B. Karamiş, F. Nair

Pages 493-501 Download PDF (1462 KB)


Simulation of sliding bearing under dynamic load conditions

B. Rosić, A. Marinković, G. Petropoulos

Pages 502-505 Download PDF (469 KB)


Sliding properties of polyimide against various steel and DLC-coated counterfaces

P. Samyn, J. Quintelier, G. Schoukens, P. De Baets

Pages 506-515 Download PDF (1165 KB)


Contact force determination in abrasive wear test

D. Mikičić, A. Kunosić, M. Zlatanović

Pages 516-520 Download PDF (465 KB)


Effect of fluid inertia on the stability of journal bearings

J. Javorova, V. Alexandrov, K. Stanulov, I. Zaharieva, P. Chelu

Pages 521-525 Download PDF (196 KB)


Development of an algorithm and program system to stability problem of HD journal bearings

J. Javorova

Pages 526-531 Download PDF (178 KB)


On self-organization and selective transfer in tribological systems

E.G. Assenova

Pages 532-535 Download PDF (28 KB)


Colorimetric characteristics of the light equipment in the automobile-industry

N. Vesić, B. Nedić

Pages 536-542 Download PDF (340 KB)

Lubricants and Lubrication


A possible approach of developing the new product based on experimental research - contribution of developing domestic grease for sealing on natural gas pipeline valves

Ž.M. Aleksić

Pages 545-553 Download PDF (481 KB)


The structure of lubricating greases by electron microscopy

I. Radulescu, A.V. Radulescu, F. Vasiliu

Pages 554-559 Download PDF (438 KB)


The determination of the temperature field in the lubricant film of hydrodynamic journal bearings

M. Ionescu

Pages 560-563 Download PDF (197 KB)


Theoretical and experimental aspects concerning the analytical solution of hydrodynamic journal bearing lubrication

M. Ionescu

Pages 564-567 Download PDF (111 KB)


Possibility of application of biodegradable lubricant greases on railways in Republic of Srpska

M.-M. Dugic, P. Dugic, V. Petkovic, J. Jankovic

Pages 568-575 Download PDF (390 KB)


A comprehensive framework for logistics & supply chain management of lubricants

E.T. Iakovou

Pages 576-584 Download PDF (51 KB)


The abrasive resistance of a kind self-lubricated nylons measured by scratch tester

B. Ivkovic

Pages 585-588 Download PDF (144 KB)


Selecting the optimum hydraulic oil to meet the viscosity requirements of major pump manufacturers

F. Camera, C. Neveu

Pages 589-595 Download PDF (97 KB)


The influence of metalworking fluids on drilling process

R. Rakić

Pages 596-601 Download PDF (276 KB)


Experimental investigation of the lubrication of opposite running disks

A. Mihailidis, N. Drivakos, C. Salpistis, K. Panagiotidis

Pages 602-609 Download PDF (549 KB)


The contact approach in tribology

M. Kandeva

Pages 610-615 Download PDF (250 KB)


Some consideration concerning the friction moment of the three-cone bits sealing rings

I. Zidaru, A.C. Drumeanu, I. Tudor

Pages 616-619 Download PDF (55 KB)


Some aspects concerning the operating wear and reliability of the RHAC type borehole pumps

A.C. Drumeanu, N.N. Antonescu

Pages 620-624 Download PDF (235 KB)


Lubricant compositions based on organic polymers

A.C. Drumeanu

Pages 625-629 Download PDF (61 KB)


Tribological and design parameters of lubricated sliding bearings

A. Rac, A. Vencl

Pages 630-634 Download PDF (142 KB)


Influence of metalworking super-finishing agents of ball rolling bearing elements on quality

M. Radojević, I. Petrov

Pages 635-637 Download PDF (174 KB)


Quality of motor oils on the market of B&H and SCG

S. Simić, M. Petković, P. Dugić

Pages 638-644 Download PDF (160 KB)


Tribomodelling of contact die-tubular goods with applications on drilling-extraction

I. Nae, N.N. Antonescu, M.G. Petrescu

Pages 645-651 Download PDF (332 KB)


Ester based lubricants deriwed from renewable resources

B. Kržan, J. Vižintin

Pages 652-656 Download PDF (140 KB)


Some aspects concerning the thermal behaviour of a viscous coupling

A. Predescu, T. Laurian

Pages 657-662 Download PDF (186 KB)


Temperature distribution in the rings liquid face seals - evaluation of simplified analytical models using 3D FEM analysis

T. Cicone, A. Apostolescu

Pages 663-669 Download PDF (3969 KB)


Oil monitoring and proactive maintenance

M. Babic

Pages 670-676 Download PDF (173 KB)


Impact of using biodiesel as a lubricity additive in petroleum diesel fuel

I. Onutu, O. Pantea, S. Ion

Pages 677-683 Download PDF (94 KB)


A study of tangential displacement of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and its composites

A. Yankov, P. Nackova, S. Kavaldjiev

Pages 684-688 Download PDF (298 KB)


Tribological aspects on choice of lubricants and material for passenger car gearbox elements

Z. Vukadinović, D. Josifović

Pages 689-693 Download PDF (237 KB)

9-ta jugoslovenska konferencija o tribologiji


Uticaj nemonotonosti deformisanja i promenljivih triboloških uslova na obodu tokom procesa dubokog izvlačenja

S. Aleksandrović, M. Stefanović, T. Vujinović

Pages 697-702 Download PDF (513 KB)


Uticaj sile držanja i stanja površina na duboko izvlačenje tailored blanks

Ž. Babić, M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović

Pages 703-708 Download PDF (224 KB)


Model zupčasto-kaišnog prenosnika

B. Stojanović

Pages 709-713 Download PDF (355 KB)


Uticaj kontaktnog trenja na proces dvostrukog suprotnosmernog istiskivanja

Đ. Čupković, M. Plančak, D. Vilotić, K. Kuzman

Pages 714-717 Download PDF (320 KB)


Reakciono–kinetičke promene motornog ulja

R. Gligorijević, J. Jevtić, Đ. Borak, V. Knezović

Pages 718-723 Download PDF (376 KB)


Karakterizacija plazma–sprej prevlaka Cr2O3 i Al2O3 otpornih na habanje i koroziju

M. Mrdak, D. Kakaš, Đ. Pović

Pages 724-727 Download PDF (352 KB)


Ispitivanja mogućnosti povećanja vijeka trajanja lemeša

S. Sebastijanovic, Dj. Banaj

Pages 728-732 Download PDF (289 KB)


Program eksploatacionog ispitivanja motornog ulja u autobusima JGSP Novi Sad

V. Savić, M. Jocanović, D. Jurišić, D. Selinić

Pages 733-737 Download PDF (266 KB)


Istraživanje tipova promene koeficijenta trenja na putu klizanja pri dubokom izvlačenju sa stanjenjem debljine zida

D. Adamović, M. Stefanović, V. Lazić, M. Živković

Pages 738-744 Download PDF (540 KB)


Uticaj SHP za brušenje elemenata kotrljajućih kugličnih ležajeva na kvalitet

M. Radojević, M. Radojčić

Pages 745-748 Download PDF (260 KB)


Primena fuzzy logike pri održavanja tehničkih sistema

B.V. Krstić

Pages 749-754 Download PDF (296 KB)


Tribomehanički sistemi u mehanizmu slobodnog hoda impulsnih varijatora

D. Jovanović

Pages 755-760 Download PDF (335 KB)


Neki rezultati ispitivanja obradivosti teškoobradivih legiranih čelika

G. Lakić Globočki, B. Nedić, P. Dakić

Pages 761-767 Download PDF (293 KB)


Pločasti noževi u tehnologiji mlevenja mase (pulpe“) za proizvodnju papira

R. Slavković, Z. Jugović, S. Dragićević, I. Milićević

Pages 768-775 Download PDF (561 KB)


Tribološki regulatori i tribološki ispravno konstruisanje

S. Tanasijević

Pages 776-781 Download PDF (475 KB)


Adaptivno upravljanje procesom brušenja sa aspekta triboloških pojava

M. Popović, R. Slavković, Z. Jugović

Pages 782-788 Download PDF (372 KB)


Promene fizičko hemijskih karakteristika motornog ulja tokom eksploatacije sa aspekta dijagnostike stanja tribomehaničkog sistema

Z. Pešić, S. Perić, M. Krsmanović

Pages 789-795 Download PDF (278 KB)


Uticaj postupka regeneracije zaptivnih elemenata mašine za izradu gumenih mešavina na troškove proizvodnje

S. Mitrović, M. Erić, M. Stefanović

Pages 796-800 Download PDF (317 KB)


Tribološka ispitivanja navara i osnovnih materijala kovačkih alata pri podmazivanju različitim vrstama maziva

V. Lazić, M. Jovanović, N. Nedić, D. Adamović, N. Ratković

Pages 801-809 Download PDF (667 KB)


Izbor tehnologije reparaturnog navarivanja radnih delova gradjevinskih mašina izloženih intenzivnom abrazivnom habanju

M. Jovanović, V. Lazić, M. Mutavdžić, N. Ratković, D. Adamović

Pages 810-819 Download PDF (799 KB)


Uticaj različitih vrsta stenskih materijala na izbor materijala radnih delova gradjevinske mehanizacije

M. Mutavdžić, V. Lazić, M. Jovanović, D. Adamović, N. Ratković

Pages 820-833 Download PDF (1703 KB)


Primjer umjeravanja laboratorijske elektroničke vage

D. Ješić

Pages 834-839 Download PDF (279 KB)


Uvod u tribološka istraživanja pri oblikovanju mikro delova dubokim izvlačenjem

M. Samardžić, M. Stefanović, S. Aleksandrović, T. Vujinović

Pages 840-845 Download PDF (462 KB)